Michael Jamieson Bristow in memoriam

Our dear, colourful friend Michael Jamieson Bristow is dead.

He was a British citizen, living most of his life in England.

He was composer and organist, he was among other things responsible editor for the book National Anthems of the World.

From his childhood on he had a dream: he wanted to live in Norway. After a short time in Scotland he moved to Norway the autumn 2004.

He enjoyed his Norwegian life, and made lots of new friends, in addition to his old friends. Unfortunately living costs in Norway are high, that made life difficult for him.

Therefore he moved to Hungary autumn 2008.

Sadly his health was not so good and he had to go through two serious heart operations. His time in Hungary therefore was short and marked by his illness.

He died in his home just after New Year 2012. He was 66 years old.

As a memorial of his work, the National Anthems will still be available through this web-site.

Thor Jan Olsen and Gro Aase, Friends of Michael