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USA WYOMING : Wyoming State Song
State Song of Wyoming
Wyoming March Song

  • Author: Charles Edwin Winter (1870-1948)
  • Composer: George Edwin Knapp (1886-1967)
  • Adopted: February 15 1955
  • National Day: July 10 1890 - Statehood (44th State)
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  • Further details: According to CHARLES EDWIN WINTER (1870-1948), the song as written by himself and Mr Clemens proved a great success, but it did not lend itself readily to popular singing because of its extreme vocal range.

    In the early part of the year 1920, Professor GEORGE EDWIN KNAPP (1886-1967), Professor of Voice at the State University at Laramie, composed new music in march time and a more singable range. This immediately proved itself adapted to popular singing. The fact that the new music lent itself to the march and dance secured for it general acceptance.

    On February 15 1955, the song was adopted as the state song.