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USA TENNESSEE : Tennessee State Song
State Song of Tennessee
Rocky Top

  • Author: Boudleaux Bryant (1920-1987), Felice Bryant (1925-2003)
  • Composer: Bouleaux Bryant (1920-1987), Felice Bryant (1925-2003)
  • Adopted: February 15 1982
  • National Day: June 01 1796 - Statehood (16th State)
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  • Further details: There are six official state songs of Tennessee other than 'Rocky Top'. They are: 'My Homeland, Tennessee' (adopted in 1925), 'When It's Iris Time in Tennessee'(adopted in 1935), 'My Tennessee' (adopted in 1955), 'Tennessee Waltz' (adopted in 1965), 'Tennessee' (adopted in 1992).

    OMISSION The sheet music does not give the year of death of the the joint author and joint composer which was in 2003.