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USA NEW JERSEY : New Jersey State Song
State Song of New Jersey
I'm From New Jersey

  • Author: Joseph Rocco Mascari (b.1922), [pseudonym Red Mascara]
  • Composer: Joseph Rocco Mascari (b.1922), [pseudonym Red Mascara]
  • Adopted: Not Officially Adopted
  • National Day: April 17 (New Jersey Day)
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    'I'm From New Jersey' by RED MASCARA (b.1922), is a state song written in 1960 especially for and dedicated to the State of New Jersey. And, it is the only State Song in America, that is adaptable to any municipality with a two or three syllable name.

    In 1961, Phillipsburg, New Jersey adopted the Phillipsburg version as the official song for its 100th Anniversary. The song was so successful, that the town adopted it as its official song. This induced other municipalities to follow suit, and the news media soon had a story that spread throughout the state. In 1962, Perry Como featured the song on his nationally televised show, and shortly thereafter, New Jersey Senator Wayne Dumont, and Assemblyman Robert Frederick simultaneously introduced bills that would designate 'I'm From New Jersey' as the State Song. But it was not until 1966 that enough momentum had been created to spark the New Jersey State Assembly into passing the first state song bill. However, the Senate was not ready yet for such a move. So the Assembly tried again in 1968 and 1971. The Senate still was not ready. In 1972 however, S-772 by Senator Dumont, which designated 'I'm From New Jersey' as the State Song, passed the Senate and Assembly and went to the governor's desk. Governor William Cahill who was not aware of the song's record of achievements, vetoed the bill indicating that he did not think the song was popular enough with the people of New Jersey. This did not stop the song's growth in popularity, or the legislature's desire to make it the official state song. 'I'm From New Jersey' bills did pass both houses again thereafter, but not in a format that would send the bill on to the governor for his approval. So the journey continues.

    A partial summary of the song's achievements is as follows:
    1. Bills designating 'I'm From New Jersey' as the State Song have passed the Assembly six times, and the Senate three times.
    2. The song has been published in two books: 'State Songs of America' and 'Social Studies - New Jersey.'
    3. It has received seven awards from ASCAP - The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers - because of its merit as a state song.
    4. 'I'm From New Jersey' is the only state song in America, that is adaptable to any municipality with a two or three syllable name. And, adapted versions have been adopted by twelve towns as their official municipal song.
    5. A charming, customized high-end music box that plays the song is available on the internet.
    6. The song title can be used for many types of logos and projects.
    7. 'I'm From New Jersey' is supported by documented endorsements that represent millions of New Jerseyans.
    8. Although 'I'm From New Jersey' has been challenged over the years, it remains popular throughout the state and on the web. And, it is sponsored by a majority of members in both Houses of the New Jersey State Legislature.

    When friends ask why - with so much support and history - it is not already the official state song, Red replies: I was on a TV show once, where a music columnist said, "I don't think a state song should be adopted until the author is dead." Everyone laughed. But it does make you wonder...doesn't it?