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USA FLORIDA : Florida State Song (1935-2008)
Former State Song of Florida (1935-2008)
Old Folks At Home

  • Author: Stephen Collins Foster (1826-1864)
  • Composer: Stephen Collins Foster (1826-1864)
  • Adopted: May 25 1935
  • National Day: April 02 (Pascua Florida Day)
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  • Further details: Composed in Pittsburgh and published in New York in October 1851, this was undoubtedly the most popular song and the one that earned STEPHEN COLLINS FOSTER (1826-1864) (and later his widow and daughter) the largest royalties from sheet-music sales. It is the song that is perhaps most immediately associated with the composer's name. A long-noted irony in this respect is that Foster's name did not appear during his lifetime on the published song. (His name did appear as composer after the copyright of the song was renewed in 1879.) It was of course Edwin P Christy who was credited as having 'written and composed' "Old Folks at Home," and Foster himself was responsible for this. He apparently sold to Christy the right to be published as composer of the song for the sum of $5.00. Eight months after "Old Folks at Home" appeared, Foster regretted his action and tried unsuccessfully to nullify the agreement.