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CANADA SASKATCHEWAN : Saskatchewan Provincial Song - NOT AVAILABLE
Provincial Song of Saskatchewan - NOT AVAILABLE
Centennial Song - NOT AVAILABLE

  • Author: Stan Garchinski (b.1961)
  • Composer: Stan Garchinski (b.1961)
  • Adopted: 2005
  • National Day: September 01 1905 - Confederation Day
  • Further details: What would a birthday party be without a song? And for the 100th birthday of the province of Saskatchewan in 2005 a very special song was required. On September 23 2004, the Saskatchewan Centennial Songwriting Competition was opened. From all across Saskatchewan, 250 submissions poured in from all genres - pop, country, Celtic, jazz, folk and rock - before the deadline of November 17 2004.

    Emerging as the official Saskatchewan centennial song was 'Saskatchewan, We Love This Place!' by STAN GARCHINSKI (b.1961). Filled with inspirational lyrics, a hand-clapping melody and an upbeat and energetic chorus, the song captured the emotion of the Saskatchewan 2005 centennial celebrations and invited the province to join in through song.