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THAILAND : Thailand National Anthem
Thai National Anthem
National Anthem of Thailand

  • Author: Luang Saranuprapan (1896-1954)
  • Composer: Phra Chen-Duriyang (1883-1968)
  • Adopted: 1939
  • National Day: December 05 (1927) - Birthday of HM King Bhumibol (King Rama IX)
    Formerly Siam
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  • Further details: In 1934, the Government appointed a committee to select music written and arranged by talented Thai composers. Finally the music (composed in 1932) by PHRA CHEN-DURIYANG (1883-1968) won the competition. There was also a competition for the words of the National Anthem - two written by Khun Vichitmatra and Nai Chant Khamvilai respectively were selected and the official announcement of the new National Anthem was made on August 20 1934. In 1935 the National Anthem was modified to another form.

    On February 5 1935 the regulations of performing the National Anthem and also the Siamese Royal Anthem of 1871 were introduced.

    In 1939 the name of the country was changed from Siam to Thailand, so once again the National Anthem had to be changed to make it compatible with the country's new name. Writers were invited to send their creative works in for the competition. This was a significant event as there were many more competitors taking part and it was left to the Cabinet to make the final judgement. LUANG SARANUPRAPAN (1896-1954) won the first prize.

    On December 10 1939, the new National Anthem was officially introduced to the public.