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SWEDEN : Sweden National Anthem
Swedish National Anthem
National Anthem of Sweden
Du gamla, du fria

  • Author: Richard Dybeck (1811-1877)
  • Composer: Composer unknown, arranged by Edvin Kallstenius (1881-1967), based on a Swedish folk song
  • Adopted: 1844
  • National Day: June 06 (1916) - Swedish Flag Day
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  • Further details: The text of 'Du gamla, du fria' ('Thou ancient, thou freeborn'), was written by folklorist and ballad writer RICHARD DYBECK (1811-1877) and set to a folk melody which he had heard in the middle of the 19th century from the province of Västmanland. It cannot be so very old, for its modern tonality points to a period not earlier than the beginning of that century.

    Around 1880-1890 it started to be sung more frequently and in the course of time it has come to be regarded as the National Anthem of Sweden.