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PORTUGAL : Portugal National Anthem
Portuguese National Anthem
National Anthem of Portugal
A Portugêsa

  • Author: Henrique Lopes de Mendonça (1856-1931)
  • Composer: Alfredo Keil (1850-1907)
  • Adopted: 1911
  • National Day: June 10 (1580) - Camoes Day
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  • Further details: Since 1910, a patriotic song entitled 'A Portugêsa' ('The Portuguese') has been in use in Portugal. The words (written in about 1890) are by HENRIQUE LOPES de MENDONÇA (1856-1931).

    The music is by ALFREDO KEIL (1850-1907), a Portuguese composer and exponent of Portuguese music, who was of German extraction and died in Hamburg after having written the first Portuguese grand opera, 'Serrana'.