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POLAND : Poland National Anthem
Polish National Anthem
National Anthem of Poland
Mazurek Dabrowskiego

  • Author: Józef Wybicki (1747-1822)
  • Composer: Michal Kleofas Oginski (1765-1833) - this is not certain, arranged by Kazimierz Sikorski
  • Adopted: 1927
  • National Day: May 03 (1791) - Constitution Day
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  • Further details: From generation to generation the Poles have kept their firm faith in a future rebirth of their country. The Polish National Anthem is a symbol of this faith. After the third partition of Poland, in 1795, when Prussia, Russia and Austria had swallowed up the country which had been weakened by internal troubles, the Polish patriots looked to France as the saviour in their greatest need. It was then that Polish legions were formed within the French revolutionary armies, particularly on Italian soil and through the initiative of General Dabrowski (1755-1818) who had previously made a name for himself by taking part in Kosciuszko's revolt of 1794.

    The words (written between July 16 and July 19 1797) are by JÓZEF WYBICKI (1747-1822), when he was serving as a legionary in Reggio di Emilia in Italy, and the National Anthem was sung when General Dabrowski, commander of the Polish legions, entered Poznań in 1806.

    The music is ascribed to MICHAL KLEOFAS OGIŃSKI (1765-1833) but this is not certain. The folk tune (from Podlasie) is typically Polish, it is a mazurka whose rhythm, is of course perfect for a march as well.

    In 1927, it was authorised as its National Anthem by the new Polish republican government. A new harmonized version by Kazimierz Sikorski was declared obligatory by the Ministry of Culture and Art in 1948.