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NEW ZEALAND : New Zealand National Anthem
National Anthem of New Zealand
God Defend New Zealand

  • Author: English Words: Thomas Bracken (1843-1898), Maori Words: Thomas Henry Smith (1824-1907)
  • Composer: John Joseph Woods (1849-1934)
  • Adopted: 1977
  • National Day: February 06 (1840) - Waitangi Day
    April 25 (1915) - ANZAC Day
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  • Further details: 'God Defend New Zealand' is sung on all special occasions. The text was written by THOMAS BRACKEN (1843-1898). He was born in Ireland, but went to New Zealand early in life. There he engaged primarily in newspaper work, although for a time he was a Member of Parliament. He wrote the words of 'God Defend New Zealand' in 1878. The original edition was published with both English and Maori texts.

    The 'Saturday Advertiser' offered a prize for the best musical setting of it. The winning entry was by
    JOHN JOSEPH WOODS (1849-1934), an Australian, who was teaching at the time in New Zealand. It was a very simple marching song with a choral refrain.

    It was officially adopted in 1977.