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MONACO : Monaco National Anthem
Monégasque National Anthem
National Anthem of Monaco
Le Marche de Monaco

  • Author: Louis Notari (1879-1961)
  • Composer: Charles Albrecht (1817-1895)
  • Adopted: 1867 (Music), 1931 (Words)
  • National Day: November 19 (1857) - Saint Rainier's Day
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  • Further details: The music composed by CHARLES ALBRECHT (1817-1895) is based on a folksong, to words by THÉOPHILE BELLANDO (1820-1903) which was used as a marching song by the Guarde Nationale, in which Bellando served as a captain. It was first performed as a National Anthem in December 1867 to greet the arrival in the port of Monaco of Prince Albert I.

    NB. The words are separate from the musical notation