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IRISH REPUBLIC : Irish Republic National Anthem
National Anthem of the Irish Republic
Amhran na bhFiann

  • Author: Celtic Words: Liam O'Rinn (1888-1950), English Words: Peadar Kearney (1883-1942)
  • Composer: Patrick Heeney (1881-1911)
  • Adopted: 1926
  • National Day: March 17 (1681) - Saint Patrick's Day
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  • Further details: The National Anthem of the Irish Republic is 'The Soldiers Song'. It was officially adopted in July 1926. The text is by PEADAR KEARNEY (1883-1942), the music is by PATRICK HEENEY (1881-1911). The exact date of the composition cannot be ascertained. The words were written late in 1909 or early in 1910 and apparently first published in 1912 in 'Irish Freedom', a monthly expressing the view of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. The music of the National Anthem was composed not later than July 1911, when Patrick Heeney died.

    Only the chorus belonging to the song constitutes the official National Anthem; however if anyone requires the full song (three verses and chorus) then please send an e-mail to me.