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HUNGARY : Hungary National Anthem
Hungarian National Anthem
National Anthem of Hungary

  • Author: Ferenc Kölcsey (1790-1838)
  • Composer: Ferenc Erkel (1810-1893)
  • Adopted: 1844
  • National Day: August 20 (1990) - Saint Stephen's Day
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  • Further details: In 1842, a public contest was organized for a National Anthem. The prize went to FERENC ERKEL (1810-1893), the distinguished Hungarian composer. He is considered the creator of the Hungarian national opera and of national Hungarian music. He was the Director of the Hungarian Academy of Music and organized the philharmonic concerts in Budapest.

    Erkel's National Anthem is typically 'Hungarian' with characteristic features of Hungarian popular music (as the nineteenth century saw it), skilfully employed. In contrast to many other National Anthems, Erkel's work can withstand the strictest critical scrutiny. It is both fiery and chivalrous. A certain rhetorical element does not prevent it from being strictly logical in structure.

    Words by FERENC KÖLCSEY (1790-1838). About the origin of Kolcsey's poem, a note in a published edition gives the information, 'from the tempestuous era of the Hungarian people, Czeke, January 22 1823'. Other authorities trace it back to 1817.