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HONDURAS : Honduras National Anthem
Honduran National Anthem
National Anthem of Honduras
Tu bandera es un lampa de cielo

  • Author: Augusto Constancio Coello (1883-1941)
  • Composer: Carlos Hartling (1869-1920)
  • Adopted: 1915
  • National Day: September 15 (1821) - Independence Day
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  • Further details: It was selected as the most suitable entry in a public competition. The text is by AUGUSTO CONSTANCIO COELLO (1883-1941). The composer was CARLOS HARTLING (1869-1920), an ardent Honduran patriot of German descent. He organized the first symphony orchestra in Central America and a number of military bands in the larger communities of his country.

    The National Anthem is characteristically South American, but the German background of its composer cannot be concealed.

    The text is an interesting description and interpretation of the national flag.