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GREECE : Greece National Anthem
Greek National Anthem
National Anthem of Greece
Imnos Eis Tin Eleftherian

  • Author: Dionysios Solomós (1798-1857)
  • Composer: Nikolaos Mantzaros (1795-1873)
  • Adopted: 1864
  • National Day: March 25 (1821) - Independence Day
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    Nikolaos Mantzaros
    Nikolaos Mantzaros

  • Further details: Greece may claim to have the longest National Anthem in the world. It has no fewer than one hundred and fifty-eight stanzas of four lines each. The poet of the Greek National Anthem, DIONYSIOS SOLOMÓS (1798-1857), was born on the island of Zante and died in Corfu. Written in 1823, he sang the heroic deeds of the Greek fighters for freedom.

    King George I declared the poem Greece's National Anthem. For this purpose it was naturally shortened. The composer was NICOLAOS MANZAROS (1795-1873). He had studied in Italy and earned the first successes of his career there. If one did not know about this, it certainly could be inferred from his 'Hymn to Freedom' of 1828 which shows no Hellenic characteristics but is pronouncedly Italian.

    The Greeks were not quite certain that their National Anthem was musically adequate. So, at the suggestion of King Otto, it was submitted to musical experts in Bavaria. When no veto was forthcoming, a special edict bestowed official standing upon the National Anthem in 1864.

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