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FRANCE : France National Anthem
French National Anthem
National Anthem of France
La Marseillaise

  • Author: Claude-Joseph Rouget de L'isle (1760-1836)
  • Composer: Claude-Joseph Rouget de L'isle (1760-1836)
  • Adopted: 1795
  • National Day: July 14 (1790) - Bastille Day
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  • Further details: 'La marseillaise' was written in a mood of excitement by the poet, dramatist, singer and violinist
    CLAUD-JOSEPH ROUGET de L'ISLE (1760-1836) in a single night in April 1792, as a marching song for Marshall Lukner's army of the Rhine. It was first sung by Mayor Dietrich of Strasbourg at his home and was performed a few days later by the band of the Garde Nationale. Its popularity throughout France became assured when it was taken up by a battalion of volunteers from Marseilles, who sang it as they entered Paris in July the same year, it thereafter became known as 'La marseillaise'.

    An attempt was made during the Second Empire to replace the National Anthem with another of a less 'revolutionary' character, but after the fall of Emperor Napoleon III 'La marseillaise' was immediately reinstated.