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EL SALVADOR : El Salvador National Anthem
El Salvadoran National Anthem
National Anthem of El Salvador
Saludemos La Patria Orgullosos

  • Author: Juan José Cañas (1826-1918)
  • Composer: Juan Aberle (1846-1930)
  • Adopted: 1953
  • National Day: September 15 (1821) - Independence Day
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  • Further details: The National Anthem of El Salvador has a text written by JUAN JOSÉ CAÑAS (1826-1918).

    It was composed by one JUAN ABERLE (1846-1930) whose German name squares poorly with the claim that he hailed from Italy. He settled in El Salvador and became the teacher of a whole generation of musicians of his new country as also of Guatemala. The Government of Guatemala had a gold medal struck for him with the inscription, 'To the Prince of Central American Music'.

    The beginning of the music is marked by a solemn flourish of trumpets which recurs throughout this marchlike composition. The trio is a striking reminiscence of the 'Coronation March' in Meyerbeer's opera 'Le Prophète'.