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COLOMBIA : Colombia National Anthem
Colombian National Anthem
National Anthem of Colombia
Oh! Gloria inmarcesible

  • Author: Rafael Núñez (1825-1894)
  • Composer: Oreste Sindici (1837-1904)
  • Adopted: 1920
  • National Day: July 20 (1810) - Independence Day
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    Oreste Sindici
    Oreste Sindici

  • Further details: The music of the National Anthem of Colombia was composed by the Italian tenor ORESTE SINDICI (1837-1904), who had arrived in Bogotá with an Italian opera company and for some reason decided to stay on. His remains rest in the cemetery in Bogotá.

    The words of the National Anthem are by RAFAEL NÚÑEZ (1825-1894), the great statesman who served his country as President for no less than four terms. The Italian inspiration of the music is quite apparent. There is a triumphant prelude followed by the tune.