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CHILE : Chile National Anthem
Chilian National Anthem
National Anthem of Chile
Canción Nacional de Chile

  • Author: Eusebio Lillo Robles (1826-1910), Bernardo de Vera y Pintado (1789-1826)
  • Composer: Ramón Carnicer y Battle (1780-1855)
  • Adopted: 1847 (Music), 1909 (Words)
  • National Day: September 18 (1818) - Independence Day
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  • Further details: In 1847, a new Peace Treaty was signed between Chile and Spain, and at this time EUSEBIO LILLO (1826-1910), a journalist and well-known poet, was commissioned to write a new National Anthem with more restrained sentiments in regard to the old mother country. The music of the National Anthem is by RAMÓN CARNICER (1789-1855). It was written in 1828, the Spanish composer never set foot on Chilean soil. The tune is of course likewise introduced by a noisy prelude which, together with the militant vigour of the National Anthem itself, represents a fine specimen of South American musical nationalism. Subsequent modifications were made to the National Anthem by Fabio Petris in 1907 and by Enrique Soro in 1909, and it was recognised officially as the National Anthem on June 27 1941.

    Bar 54 (1st note) in the vocal line should be: E (not C) - this will be corrected as soon as possible