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CANADA : Canada National Anthem
Canadian National Anthem
National Anthem of Canada
O Canada!

  • Author: French Words: Sir Adolphe Basile Routhier (1839-1920), English Words: Robert Stanley Weir (1856-1926)
  • Composer: Calixa Lavallée (1842-1891)
  • Adopted: 1980
  • National Day: July 01 (1867) - Canada Day
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    Calixa Lavallée
    Calixa Lavallée

  • Further details: The text of the Canadian National Anthem was written in French by ADOLPHE BASILE ROUTHIER (1839-1920). The music is by CALIXA LAVALLÉE (1842-1891), a native of Verchères in the province of Québec. Calixa Lavallée died in Boston where he had settled down as a concert pianist and music teacher after a successful travelling career. During the United States Civil War he was in the US and fought on the side of the North. In 1874, he became the Director of the Grand Opera House in New York, the predecessor of the Metropolitan Opera House. He wrote 'O Canada' in 1880 at the request of prominent French-Canadian patriotic societies.

    'O Canada' represents rather the introvert and prayer like type of National Anthem. The melody seems expressive of the country's peaceful character and the religious attitude of its people.

    There is also an English text by ROBERT STANLEY WEIR (1856-1926). It is not a translation of Routhier's lines but was written - as the author put it himself (1908) - "because Mr. Lavallée's splendid melody (one worthy to rank with the finest national airs of any of the older lands) has hitherto lacked an English setting in the song style".

    It was officially adopted on July 1 1980.