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BOLIVIA : Bolivia National Anthem
Bolivian National Anthem
National Anthem of Bolivia
Canción Patriótica

  • Author: José Ignacio de Sanjinés (1786-1864)
  • Composer: Leopoldo Benedetto Vincenti (1815-1914)
  • Adopted: 1852
  • National Day: August 06 (1825) - Independence Day
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  • Further details: The words are by JOSÉ; IGNACIO de SANJINÉS (1786-1864), the music by the Italian LEOPOLDO BENEDETTO VINCENTI (1815-1914). The author was a lawyer and scholar of high standing and a fervent patriot. He was among the signers of his country's declaration of independence and its first constitution. The music is a vocal specimen in the heroic style of the Italian opera. Its rhythm with dotted quavers, which can inspire the Bolivians with patriotic enthusiasm, has very little to do with native music.

    ERRATUM The words and music of the first verse are correct, but there are major errors with regard to the words of the second and third verses.