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ARGENTINA : Argentina National Anthem
Argentinian National Anthem
National Anthem of Argentina
Marcha de la Patria

  • Author: Vicente López y Planes (1785-1856)
  • Composer: Blas Parera (1777-1840)
  • Adopted: 1813
  • National Day: May 25 (1810) - Revolution Day
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  • Further details: 'Marcha de la Patria' ('March of the Fatherland'), is the official National Anthem of Argentina which was carried to Peru and Chile by Argentine soldiers in the army of General San Martin, the liberator of those two countries. There is an account of how the General in 1818 during a great celebration at Santiago de Chile magnetized the crowd by singing the Argentine National Anthem with his tremendous basso voice. The 'Marcha de la Patria' was written by VICENTE LÓPEZ y PLANES (1785-1856) and set to music by BLAS PARERA (1777-1840) in 1813. The composer, was a music teacher, and it seems that he was equally inspired by his familiarity with the Italian operas of Rossini and Donizetti and by his admiration for the German composers of sonatas like Haydn and Mozart. The National Anthem prelude consists of two parts. The first is classical in style, the second with its triplets of eighths recalls the Italian opera. The National Anthem proper is very dignified, and the refrain, introduced by an instrumental interlude, is convincing and powerful. It was declared the official Argentine National Anthem by a resolution of the Asemblea General on May 11 1813. On March 30 1900, a Government decree required it to be performed at all public functions as well as in the schools and institutions of higher learning throughout the country.