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NATIONAL ANTHEMS ORGANISATION : National Anthems Organisation Anthem
Anthem of the National Anthems Organisation

  • Author: None
  • Composer: Michael Jamieson Bristow
  • Adopted: 2006
  • National Day: November 12 (2002) - Website established
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  • Further details: The National Anthems Organisation was established on November 12 2002. The anthem of the National Anthems Organisation was officially adopted in 2006. The 'Scandinavian style' flag also adopted in 2006 was designed by Eric Yang Soong (b.1990) of Shanghai in China.

    In 2002, it was suggested to me by Christopher Edward Lowe (b.1945) who ran a small family company called Cello Computers in Halkirk Caithness Scotland, that maybe I should have my own national anthems website. I naturally jumped at the suggested opportunity and so during the weeks ahead with Christopher as my newly appointed webmaster we made a start on planning this new website which was eventually launched on November 12 2002; initially for the advertising and sale of my two books 'National Anthems of the World' and 'State Songs of America', but soon after it became obvious that maybe people throughout the world might not want to purchase the whole books, but instead just require one or maybe a few national anthems or state songs.

    On April 16 2003, an experimental number of national anthems were made available for downloading @ $3.00 each for a complete national anthem and the first download purchase for the National Anthem of China was made five days later on April 21 2003 from Hawaii in the USA. Nowadays the download catalogue has been extensively increased and now includes National Anthems of the World, State Songs of America, State Anthems of Malaysia and Provincial Songs of Canada plus other categories of anthems.

    For the next eighteen months the website grew and expanded but on October 18 2004 progress was halted as I moved from Halkirk in Scotland to Hafslundsøy in Norway. As it was no longer practical to have my webmaster located in Scotland it meant that I had to find a replacement here in Norway who could continue from Christopher's excellent initial setup and consequent work. No further progress was possible until in the Spring of 2005 I found a new replacement Norwegian webmaster by the name of Hallvord Reiar Michaelsen Steen (b.1977), who works for Opera Software ASA in Oslo. Hallvord carried out a number of amendments, corrections and additions that I required to be made to the website. In addition, Hallvord suggested that I should separate my personal data from the national anthems website, and so on September 10 2005 my personal website: was launched.

    Early in 2006, it was decided that a new look website applicable to the 21st Century should replace the somewhat dated design as envisaged and launched in 2002, and so I asked Hallvord to make the designs and on May 17 2006 (Norway's National Day) the new makeover website was officially launched.

    However. Hallvord suddenly resigned as webmaster to both websites on May 10 2007. On May 14 2007 the third webmaster was appointed, his name is Michael Odden (b.1985) of Sarpsborg.

    On September 29 2009 I emigrated from Norway and moved to the village of Zalavár in Hungary. But on September 16 2010 I had a heart attack; in view of this medical condition I am planning to return to England or move to Northern France (Pas de Calais) in 2012.

    The National Anthems Organisation will of course continue to function.