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VENEZUELA : Venezuela National Anthem
Venezuelan National Anthem
National Anthem of Venezuela
Gloria al bravo pueblo

  • Author: Vicente Salias (1786-1814)
  • Composer: Juan José Landaeta (1780-1814)
  • Adopted: 1881
  • National Day: July 05 (1811) - Independence Day
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  • Further details: The National Anthem of Venezuela is the oldest of all Latin-American National Anthems. Its text, is by VICENTE SALIAS (1786-1814), the music by JUAN JOSÉ LANDAETA (1780-1814). It was conceived in the wake of the country's early attempts to gain its independence. These were crushed and in due course both the poet and composer were executed in 1814. Their work was given the official status of a National Anthem by a Government decree of May 25 1881.

    This National Anthem is musically different from the other Latin-American National Anthems. Going back to the beginning of the nineteenth century, the 'Venezuelan Marseillaise' did not arise under the stars of the Italian opera. Much rather might it be said to show kinship with German folk music. It is not possible to overlook in it a certain lack of organic coherence. But this detail would not seem to have interfered with the strong impact which its patriotic force has been exerting ever since.