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TAIWAN (Republic of China) : Taiwan (Republic of China) National Anthem
Taiwanese National Anthem
National Anthem of Taiwan (Republic of China)
San Min Chu-i

  • Author: Sun Yat-Sen (1866-1925)
  • Composer: Cheng Mao-Yun (1900-1957)
  • Adopted: 1949
  • National Day: October 10 (1911) - Republic Day (Anniversary of the Chinese Revolution)
    Formerly Formosa
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  • Further details: The music was composed by CHENG MAO-YUN (1900-1957) and was the winning entry out of 139 contenders in a public competition held for a party song organized by the Kuomintang in 1928, and it became the National Anthem of China when the Kuomintang came into power. The tune is simple and keeps the balance between Western melodies and the native pentatonic system without half tones.

    The words were by SUN YAT-SEN (1866-1925) and were taken from a speech which this poet, philosopher and politician had addressed to the students of the Whampoa Military Academy. The opening words, "San Min Chu I," signify the three principles of the people. This is a reference to Dr. Sun's political philosophy which he had formulated as early as 1898 in terms of the three basic ideals of nationalism, democracy and socialism. Sun's revolutionary aims, from 1905 on, were consciously interpreted as the implementation of the three principles in all spheres of government and administration.

    When the Chinese Nationalist Government was exiled to the island of Taiwan, it was retained and officially adopted as the National Anthem of Taiwan in 1949.