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SWITZERLAND : Switzerland National Anthem
Swiss National Anthem
National Anthem of Switzerland
Swiss Psalm

  • Author: German Words: Leonhard Widmer (1808-1868), French Words: Charles Chatelanat (1833-1907), Italian Words: Camillo Valsangiacomo (1898-1978). (Rumantsch words are to be added soon by the Swiss Government)
  • Composer: Alberich Zwyssig (1808-1854)
  • Adopted: 1981
  • National Day: August 01 (1291) - Founding of the Swiss Confederation
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  • Further details: ALBERICH ZWYSSIG (1808-1854), who was a monk as well as a musician, adapted the music to the text by LEONHARD WIDMER (1808-1868) in 1841, it was originally contained in one of his Gradual settings. The anthem was printed for the first time in May 1843, and in the same year it was heard at a singing festival in Zürich. In 1961, it was adopted for a trial period of three years as the official anthem for the army and for Swiss representations abroad. In 1965, twelve of the Swiss cantons declared themselves wholeheartedly in favour of the anthem; seven cantons voted to prolong the trial period, and the other six (which included Zürich) found the anthem unsuitable. However it was finally officially adopted in 1981.