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PERU : Peru National Anthem
Peruvian National Anthem
National Anthem of Peru
Marcha Nacional

  • Author: José de la Torre Ugarte (1786-1831)
  • Composer: José Bernardo Alzedo (1788-1878)
  • Adopted: 1821
  • National Day: July 28 (1821) - Independence Day
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  • Further details: The National Anthem of Peru is by JOSÉ BERNARDO ALZEDO (1788-1878). He wrote a number of sentimental and patriotic songs and also the first Peruvian theory of music under the title of 'Filosofia Elemental de Musica'. He founded Lima's Music Conservatory. The words of the National Anthem are by the poet and patriot JOSÉ de la TORRE UGARTE (1786-1831). It won the prize in a public competition in 1821 and first sung at the Teatro Segura, Lima, in September 1821. It was revised in 1869 by Claudio Rebagliati and in this version declared unalterable by the Peruvian Congress in 1924.

    The suggestive power of 'La marseillaise' has influenced the Peruvian National Anthem like so many other National Anthems of South America. This is particularly evident in the eighth measure. But who would blame him? When the task is to express patriotism in music, it is hard to think of a better model.