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PAKISTAN : Pakistan National Anthem
Pakistani National Anthem
National Anthem of Pakistan
Quami Tarana

  • Author: Abu-Al-Asar Hafeez Jullandhuri (1900-1982)
  • Composer: Ahmed Ghulamadi Chagla (1902-1953)
  • Adopted: 1953 (Music), 1954 (Words)
  • National Day: March 23 (1956) - Republic Day
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  • Further details: The composer of the National Anthem of Pakistan AHMED GHULAMALI CHAGLA (1902-1953) was born into a family which had taken to the marine and fishery business. Versatile like most artistes, he was a musician, a free-lance journalist, playwright and art critic. Early in life, he devoted himself to a serious study of music. In 1928 he qualified from Trinity College of Music in London. His experience and study of music, however were of extreme vastness. Besides classical music, he excelled in orchestral, operatic classical composing and conducting of European music. He also studied Iranian and Arabic music. He composed music for a number of Urdu, Gujarati, Sindhi and English plays. He was music director of a film company until 1933. In this capacity he composed music on eastern and western instruments for various films. He was also a widely travelled person. These travels were study tours-cum-business. After his return from abroad in 1947, he wrote a series of articles on music, art and culture of the countries he visited during his travels.

    In December 1948 a committee was constituted by the government in selecting a suitable National Anthem and to make recommendations in this regard. In view, however, of the fact that a foreign head of state was to visit Pakistan, the need for a National Anthem became very pressing.

    Chagla being a member of the tune subcommittee was therefore asked to produce a musical composition in consultation with another member and assisted by the band of the Pakistan Navy. He produced the tune within a fortnight and played it before the then Prime Minister along with some members. The tune was selected to be played then and later during the Prime Minister's visit to the USA. The recording of the tune was finally played by the National Anthem Committee on August 10 1950, and approved.

    The music was officially accepted in December 1953 and the words by another member of the National Anthem Committee ABU-AL-ASAR HAFEEZ JULLANDHURI (1900-1982) officially accepted in August 1954.