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MEXICO : Mexico National Anthem
Mexican National Anthem
National Anthem of Mexico
Mexicanos, al grito de guerra

  • Author: Francisco González Bocanegra (1824-1861)
  • Composer: Jaime Nunó Roca (1824-1908)
  • Adopted: 1854
  • National Day: September 16 (1810) - Independence Day
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  • Further details: In December 1853, General Santa Anna offered a prize for the best patriotic poem. Twenty-six were submitted to the adjudicators and the winning version was that by FRANCISCO GONZÁLEZ BOCANEGRA (1824-1861) which contained ten verses. The General then followed this up in February 1854, with an offer of a prize to the musician who sent in the best setting to this poem. Sixteen musicians sent in their efforts, and the prize of five hundred dollars was awarded to the Spaniard JAIME NUNÓ ROCA (1824-1908), who at the time was conductor of the National Music Band.

    He was born in Gerona, Catalonia, and left Mexico shortly after the success of his National Anthem entry and settled down in Buffalo, in the United States. In 1901, Roca visited Mexico, was given a national reception, and received a chaplet of gold, a silver medal, and a purse of money. In October 1942, his mortal remains were taken back to Mexico City where they were laid to rest in great state in the Hall of Heroes which houses also the body of Bocanegra. The National Anthem had its première on September 16 1854 in Mexico City at the Teatro de Santa-Anna which later became known as the National Theatre.

    No doubt, the Mexican National Anthem does have a dash and vigour all its own. Its march rhythms are contagious and the modulation to E flat major brings out a particularly solemn quality.

    ERRATUM The sheet music does not give the correct name of the composer of the music JAIME NUNÓ ROCO (1824-1908).