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LEBANON : Lebanon National Anthem
Lebanese National Anthem
National Anthem of Lebanon

  • Author: Rachid Nakhlé (1873-1939)
  • Composer: Wadih Sabra (1876-1952)
  • Adopted: 1927
  • National Day: November 22 (1943) - Independence Day
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    Wadih Sabra
    Wadih Sabra

  • Further details: The National Anthem of Lebanon is a regular strophic song of three stanzas. The words were written in Arabic by Lebanon's noted poet, RACHID NAKHL (1873-1939).

    The musical setting is the work of WADIH SABRA (1876-1952), who was Director of the Lebanese Conservatory of Music. It was the winning entry in a contest sponsored by the Lebanese Parliament. It should be performed at a quick tempo in keeping with its tenor of military severity. The spirit it breathes is rather that of the French mandate than of Arab nationalism.

    The National Anthem was adopted officially by a Presidential decree of July 12 1927.