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ITALY : Italy National Anthem
Italian National Anthem
National Anthem of Italy
Inno di Mameli

  • Author: Goffredo Mameli (1827-1849)
  • Composer: Michele Novaro (1822-1885)
  • Adopted: 1946
  • National Day: June 02 (1946) - Republic Day
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    Michele Novaro
    Michele Novaro

  • Further details: When the Italian Republic emerged from the turmoil following the Second World War, it had no official National Anthem. Unofficially the 'Inno di Mameli' came to be used. It gets its name from the author of the text, the poet and patriot GOFFREDO MAMELI (1827-1849).

    It proceeds in a vein of fairly aggressive patriotism which claims that God created victory as a servant of the fatherland. Mameli wrote this battle hymn in November 1847. In 1848, he served as a volunteer under Garibaldi in Lombardy and in 1849 became Chief of Staff of the Roman Republic. The 'Fratelli d'Italia' was set to music almost immediately by MICHELE NOVARO (1822-1885), and throughout Italy it helped awaken interest in the growing revolutionary movement.

    The march has a forceful introduction, marked andant maestoso, in triplet rhythms which are carried throughout the entire first section in the accompaniment. The vocal line itself has an energetic motive of dotted eighths evidently intended to symbolize the marching Italians. The same motive is carried through the middle section of the National Anthem, which modulates to the subdominant, after which it returns to the main key.