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HAITI : Haiti National Anthem
Haitian National Anthem
National Anthem of Haiti
La Dessalinienne

  • Author: French Words: Justin Lhérisson (1873-1907)
    Creole Words: Raymond A Moïse (dates unknown)
  • Composer: Nicolas Geffrard (1871-1930)
  • Adopted: 1904
  • National Day: January 01 (1804) - Independence Day
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  • Further details: In contrast to almost all the other South American National Anthems, that of Haiti - though typically South American - shares certain characteristics -especially its comparitive brevity - with the National Anthems of European countries. Its name is 'La Dessalinienne' after Jean Jacques Dessalines (1758-1806), the liberator of this Negro Republic which forms the Western part of the island of Santo Domingo. Dessalines defeated the French under Rochambeau and on January 1 1804, he issued a Haitian declaration of independence assuming for himself the title of Emperor of Haiti.

    The National Anthem was written in 1903 in connection with the country's centennial celebration. The words are by JUSTIN LHÉRISSON (1873-1907), the music by NICOLAS GEFFRARD (1871-1930). Haiti is the only Latin-American republic with French as its official language. 'La Dessalinienne' was sung for the first time on November 29 1903, at the Petit Théatre Sylvain in Port-au-Prince in commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of the occupation of Gonaïves.

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