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ECUADOR : Ecuador National Anthem
Ecuadoran National Anthem
National Anthem of Ecuador
Salve, Oh Patria!

  • Author: Juan León Mera (1832-1894)
  • Composer: Antonio Neumane (1818-1871)
  • Adopted: 1886
  • National Day: August 10 (1809) - Independence Day
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  • Further details: The composer of the National Anthem of Ecuador was ANTONIO NEUMANE (1818-1871) born of German parents in Quito, where he also died. He was also the first Director of the National Conservatory in Quito which was established in 1870.

    The author of the text was JUAN LEÓN MERA (1832-1894), a scholar and journalist. In his later years he was the President of the Senate of Ecuador. The National Anthem had been in use for a considerable length of time before it was officially recognized in 1886 by a Government decree.

    The introduction to this National Anthem of marchlike rhythm is written in the grandiloquent style one is apt to associate with romantic piano sonatas. The tune is replete with dash and ardour and admits no doubt in regard to the German background of the composer.