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CZECH REPUBLIC : Czech Republic National Anthem
National Anthem of the Czech Republic
Kde domov můj?

  • Author: Josef Kajetán Tyl (1808-1856)
  • Composer: František Jan Škroup (1801-1862)
  • Adopted: 1919
  • National Day: October 28 (1918) - Founding Day
    Formerly Czechoslovakia
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  • Further details: The official National Anthem of the Czechs is the melodious song' 'Kde domov můj' ('Where is my home'), the Czech National Anthem was originally an operatic melody. Its first performance occurred on December 21 1834, as part of the operetta 'Fidlovačka' ('Shoemakers' Fair'). The librettist was the reputed Czech poet JOSEF KAJETÁN TYL (1808-1856); the composer FRANTIŠEK JAN ŠKROUP (1801-1862). Both men are representatives of the Czech national renaissance, the reawakening of the soul of the Czech people. Štroup was a noteworthy composer who held the position of conductor at the national Theatre in Prague. In its lyrical mellowness, its romantic dulcitude, the song is a perfect expression of the peaceful and somewhat sentimental qualities of the Czech people. In 1919, it became the authentic National Anthem of the Czechs.