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CUBA : Cuba National Anthem
Cuban National Anthem
National Anthem of Cuba
La Bayamesa

  • Author: Pedro Figueredo (1819-1870)
  • Composer: Pedro Figueredo (1819-1870)
  • Adopted: 1940
  • National Day: January 01 (1959) - Triumph of the Revolution
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    Pedro Figueredo
    Pedro Figueredo

  • Further details: In keeping with its first line, the National Anthem is also known as the 'Himno de Bayamo'. The author and composer is PEDRO FIGUEREDO (1819-1870). He played a distinguished part in the movement of the Cuban patriots against the Spanish oppressors and commanded the revolutionary forces in the Battle of Bayamo in October 1868. When in the course of this operation the village of Guanabacoa was stormed, he felt the inspiration to write both the words and the tune of the National Anthem. In 1870, he was taken prisoner by the Spaniards, condemned to death and executed.