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CANADA ALBERTA : Alberta Provincial Song - NOT AVAILABLE
Provincial Song of Alberta - NOT AVAILABLE

  • Author: Mary Kieftenbeld (b.1965)
  • Composer: Mary Kieftenbeld (b.1965)
  • Adopted: 2005
  • National Day: September 01 1905 - Confederation Day
  • Further details: The idea for an official song for Alberta, in conjunction with the province's 2005 Centennial, began with the introduction of the Alberta Official Song Act by Wayne Cao, MLA, Calgary Fort, in May of 2001. The Act was passed by the Legislative Assembly in November 2001.

    In the autumn of 2003, Alberta Community Development issued a call to Albertans to put their provincial pride into song. The Alberta Official Song Contest drew over 300 original submissions from approximately 100 different communities across the province. The entries encompassed a diverse mix of styles and genres, ranging from rap to rock to folk to country. The composers were also a diverse group, aged anywhere from five to 90 years old.

    The chosen song, selected by the 13-member Alberta Official Song Committee, was 'Alberta', with words and music by MARY KIEFTENBELD (b.1965).

    'Alberta' is a song that embraces the province's past, present and future, and captures the unfettered optimism that has always characterised Albertans. It is a fitting tribute to the province for the Centennial year of 2005, and captured the spirit of the province for future generations.