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AUSTRIA : Austria National Anthem
Austrian National Anthem
National Anthem of Austria

  • Author: Paula von Preradović (1887-1951)
  • Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791), or Johann Holzer (1753-1818)
  • Adopted: 1947
  • National Day: October 26 (1955)
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  • Further details: Both the melody and text were selected by a jury in a nationwide contest held in 1946. The prize-winning poem - chosen from among two thousand entries - was a contribution by the Austrian poetess, PAULA von PRERADOVIĆ (1887-1951). She was born in Vienna from an old Croatian family and had published, before the time of her national triumph, five volumes of verse as well as several plays and novels. The text of the National Anthem breathes a spirit of quiet love of country rather than of political patriotism.

    The usual attribution of the music to Mozart is questionable, but the evidence according to Austrian scholarship is more in favour of JOHANN HOLZER (1753-1818) a member of Mozart's masonic lodge.

    The National Anthem was officially adopted by the Austrian Cabinet on February 25 1947.