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AUSTRALIA : Australia National Anthem
Australian National Anthem
National Anthem of Australia
Advance Australia Fair

  • Author: Peter Dodds McCormick (1834-1916)
  • Composer: Peter Dodds McCormick (1834-1916)
  • Adopted: 1984
  • National Day: January 26 (1788) - Australia Day
    April 25 (1915) - ANZAC Day
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    Peter Dodds McCormick
    Peter Dodds McCormick

  • Further details: Close to the hearts of all patriotic Australians is the song 'Advance Australia Fair' with words and music by PETER DODDS McCORMICK (1834-1916). Its style reflects typically mid-nineteenth-century popular music. The triadic structure of the melody gives it a touch of solemnity and dignity. In 1973, a competition was organized to choose an Australian National Anthem, but none of the entries, which numbered over 1200, were considered suitable. 'Advance Australia Fair' was chosen from three well-known national songs after a poll conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It was adopted as the National Anthem officially on April 11 1984.